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Twitter Mass Clearance Day

In News
Why did we do it? Why would we take hundreds of posts going back years, and just throw them in the trash bin? We felt it was time. We'd already undergone a total revamp of the brand last year (check out that article HERE), so why hold on to old tweets? We also wiped out our Instagram and Facebook profiles last year, which was also heartbreaking. So, why now?
"No one, male or female, should ever falsely accuse anyone of a crime"
As a brand, we started Twitter by just tweeting what new products we had. We were all about selling products. Whether those products were our technology products when we were under YAPP INC, or our multimedia services under our former Marketing Team at Staffeine (now 5hout Media). We were all about sell, sell, sell. We no longer wish to be that kind of brand. We wish to contribute to the conversation, whatever that conversation might be. The current conversation at the time of this post is the alleged sexual assault accusation against comedian Aziz Ansari. As you might expect, since our entire existence began with females, we are staunch supporters of the #MeToo movement; however, everyone at ISLK, women and men, have agreed to the following:
  • No one, male or female, should ever sexually harass or assault another person
  • No one, male or female, should ever falsely accuse anyone of a crime. We believe this was a false criminal accusation of sexual assault
We'll end that right there.

So, along with our need to become part of the conversation, we also want to educate. Whether the education stems from details pertaining to why we create certain products, or teaching our fans the history of fashion, we are all about sharing our knowledge. Keeping you informed of our latest Facebook and Instagram posts, and our future YouTube videos.

Polls. We need to do better at engaging with our customers, and one of the ways we will do this is through polls. These polls will either be through Twitter or Facebook (we need to further research our options). If you have ideas or there are specific things you'd like to see us do, feel free to get with us here or on any of our social platforms.

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