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ISLK First Fashion Collaboration (throwback)

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Before we were fully devoted to ISLK as a clothing brand, we were devoted to creating events to bring the Chicago fashion industry together. In 2006, we created the country's largest fashion industry Meetup group, and this was its first Meetup Ad:

The majority of the members have chosen Saturday, June 10th for this event. ISLK will have a small photo-shoot for some of the 2007 Summer tops. Since we have already opened the shoot up for collaborations from Chicago Fashion Scene group members, and since some members have already asked for events, why don't we make this our group's first event?

The main purpose for the day is no longer the ISLK photo-shoot, but a good time for us to meet each other, on our 2 week anniversary. We can discuss what we are all looking to get out of this group, and how we should move the group forward. Healthy snacks and bottled water will be provided by ISLK.

Feel free to invite others, but please let us know how many people you are bringing. Also, in the FILES section of our group, you will find a 'Table-top sign', or in the PROMOTE section of the group, you will see a link to make yourself a 'Meetup Group Card'. Please bring one of these to the event. If you do not make it to the event on time, you will need to show one of these to the Concierge before they will send you to the event floor.

Here is the current lineup for the shoot:

Models: Nicole, Yulianna, Haeley, Ari, Nadia Make-Up Artists: Kimmy, Inez Teemer, Guest coming with Jeffery (not definate)

Photographers: ISLK Photographer, Rick Warburton

Music: Pat Osiris

Media: UICRadio (Guest of ISLK)

To stay updated on this event, go to the link provided below. 312 Digital Media

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