Storm Down Under

SKU: 5rcchh
  • Today's the day. You've been courting this chick for weeks, but all she sees you as is a friend. You know she wants more because she's hinted at it for a while. She actually told you that she wish you were more adventurous and daring. She wears ISLK, so you already know she's not only a flirt, but she's confident and daring. She says you're a nice guy...too nice. For a real relationship, she wants someone who is nice but also has a wild streak. You know you're that guy, so prove her wrong! Invite her over to a candlelit brunch, and then at the most opportune moment, tear off your Velcro pants and let her see your ISLK Stormy weather undies! She will laugh, and you know that funny guys make the ladies go wild! 

    • This product is hand made (cut-and-sewn when you order it)
    • Polyester fabric for that soft, awesome, snug fit
    • Check below for shipping and expected delivery dates, due to this item being imported from the United Kingdom
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