Dear FLRTS, even though we've existed since 2005 under the brand name "ISYL", we have decided that we can no longer exist under that same name. Due to worldwide issues, the name sounds too similar to the name of some really bad guys in the world. We will still hold all trademarks under the ISYL brand; however, our name will change to ISLK. We have been experimenting with this new name for nearly seven months, and it has been well received. ISEEYOULOOKN® is still the un-abbreviated form of the brand name. We should be back online within 60 days. We look forward to the new way ahead for us and all of you.

UPDATE 20170717: We originally estimated this re-branding project would only take us 60 days. Even though we have attempted to speed up the process, it seems as if it actually did take 60 days. We have re-introduced some past products, and have created new ones. The new site will not only have t-shirts, it will have towels, shoes, caps, office supplies, wall art, and the list goes on. By the end of next week, ISLK Apparel will reopen its online doors.

  • re-branding of all products is at 98%
  • website re-branding is at 97%
  • domain re-branding is at 100%