ISLK's FLRTS Rewards Program an exclusive club only for the sexy only for the loyal only for the confident only for the flirtatious

Are you confident enough to wear ISLK? Confidence is sexy, and ISLK embodies confidence! Sign up for an account, become a loyal ISLK FLRT by making purchases, and you will receive not only store-wide discounts on ISLK gear, you will receive offers and promotions on a variety of products exclusive to ISLK FLRTS. Once your profile is created, you can view your FLRT level, sign up for different FLRTS newsletters, and more!

Model for ISLK Model for ISLK
Bronze FLRT Bronze FLRT
Super FLRT Super FLRT
Get your FLRT on!

What will your FLRTNG and CONFIDENCE get you?
# If you do this You become a Your discount is Expiration
1 Sign up Virgin FLRT 0% off all items Until you reach $500 in purchases
2 Model for ISLK Model FLRT 15% off all items  Two months after last gig
3 Purchase $500 in products Bronze FLRT 5% off all items Six months after reaching $500
4 Purchase $1,000 in products Silver FLRT 10% off all items Six months after reaching $1,000
5 Purchase $3,000 in products Gold FLRT 15% off all items One Year after reaching $3,000
6 Purchase $5,000 in products Super FLRT 20% off all items One Year after reaching  $5,000

Are you ready to join the ISLK family?