ISLK's Affiliates Program is an exclusive club only for the sexy, only for the loyal only for the confident only for the flirtatious

Are you hot enough to raise the roof and sell ISLK gear? If you are a recurring customer (you make at least one purchase per month), you may sign up for an AFFILIATE account to sell ISLK products on commission. What does that mean? It means that you will receive commissions when your friends or fans click on your referral links and purchase products. This is done automatically through our partnership with Refersion, Inc. Your commissions go directly to your PayPal account. Beginning affiliates (Tier 1) start with earning 5% commissions. Advanced affiliates (Tier 2) earn 10% commissions. For affiliate terms, click HERE.

Free to Sign Up Free to Sign Up
Your Fans Make Purchases Your Fans Make Purchases
Beginners Earn 5% Sales Commissions Beginners Earn 5% Sales Commissions
Get your FILIATE on!Get your FILIATE on!

ISLK Affiliates

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